Filipe Mariares lives in Porto, Portugal and works in the fields of Sculpture, Drawing and Painting

Nothing appears out of nowhere.
Everything we do came before us. We have references, influences and we have desire! At least I do.
A desire to learn, to want and to create. And in order to do so, we have to experiment, to test, to destroy, and to question…
And in questioning, we discover.
Discovering that the first answers to appear are nothing more than questions, to answer, to seek more, to study, and themselves to be questioned. And in that way to get to know. To get to know;
L’ Homme qui marche’ by Giacometti

Mediterranean Group by Arp

Bird in Space by Brancusi

Bodies in space by Gormley

Schad's three-dimensional drawings

To talk of all the references that I have come to launch into the surprising and passionate world of art related to ‘space’, colloquially referred to as Sculpture would be extensive.
Just as extensive as the endless universe of materials, techniques and the language that surrounds it. I like to work the final product and that way create pieces that are unique, or of very limited editions.
Maybe due to to this, and as a result of my research, study and processes, most of my work has emerged through the use of steel, cement and wood.
The human figure appeared by chance, and with it came curiosity and interest. It is a model, a reference, a measurement, a representation, a mark, a trace, an object, a portrait…
I still have no idea who I am, but I do want to be that which I want to be!

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